Why the Infusionsoft to Xero Integration Matters

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Why the Infusionsoft to Xero Integration Matters

by | Nov 24, 2015

I get it.

Accounting is boring. Yep.

And I get excited about things like bicycles. And riding bicycles in strange lands, with strange people. And carbon wheels.  I do like a fancy carbon wheel.

So why has Christie come back from the USA so fired up about an accounting integration for a CRM. THIS IS THE PINNACLE OF BOREDOM!

Here’s the thing.  For the past 6 or so years, we (the small business community) have had access to a new era of software tools that have made our lives easier, and our chances of success higher.  Previous automations that were only accessible to departments with 6 figure implementation spends are now available to us.

Want to build a little automation for a sales rep leaving a voicemail that automatically sends a simple text, an email the next day, and a task to follow up on the rep’s dashboard as well as updating their KPI’s for accountability – you got it.  I can build that for you in 20 mins (including the 10 I take to bust out a nespresso from my kitchen).

Want to build an automation that delivers a cheat-sheet from an opt-in on your website – “Top Mountain bike trails to hit up on your weekend in Jindy”, that looks for people that actually bother to open the download and then updates a custom Facebook audience ad about my mountain bike hire in Thredbo, so that those people are served targeted remarketing but we’re not wasting our precious small business marketing spend on people that aren’t really engaged.  Too. Easy.  I can talk my team through setting that up while I do my tuesday morning recovery ride around the bay. #dontphoneandride

But there is this next-level marketing stuff.  Jemaine Griggs blew my mind at it in Arizona a couple of years ago, he called it RFM.  It’s an industry standard, it’s a way of grading your customers and focusing your marketing message based on where they sit in a simple 4-part grid. Benelds has build a suite of campaigns in Infusionsoft for our customers to use, specifically for grading and speaking to our customers based on this grid.

Here we go (and bear with me, because I swear this is the sexiest blog you’re ever going to read with Infusionsoft and Xero in the heading).

We can grade a customer on

R – Recency,
F – Frequency and
M – Monetary.

This simple designation fits our customers into 4 quadrants.

RFM Scribble

And then it is super simple to look at a customer quadrant and completely understand exactly the marketing message that customer (or prospect) needs in their journey with your business.  AND – we can get Infusionsoft to dynamically, constantly evaluate our customers and prospects according to this grid for us; and then remarket to them!

  • Have a new customer – give them love (not discounts), show them you’re going to treat them nice.
  • Have a stale customer – give them a reason to come back, (maybe value-add).
  • Have a crap customer – that’s fine, but cut them out of your paid advertising  spend so you’re not wasting money on them.
  • Have an awesome customer – you beauty; testimonial/referral them all day long, and write them a xmas card.

And this, my dear readers, was always the promise of CRM Sales and Marketing automation.

Because as sexy as you make click links, and web forms, and task completions, at the end of the day we want to make it rain. Or at least keep our small business cash flow humming along. Watching purchase events is the best way to do that.

And RFM was also the lie of small business sales and marketing automation.

Unless you are one of the 6% (I’m sure I read it in a Sales Whisperer slide deck) of businesses that are truly eCommerce, and you’re utilising some hot piece of integration like Revenue Conduit from Shopify/Magento/BigCommerce/Woo etc, the BRUTAL reality is that there is just no way to know RFM if you’re not an eCommerce based business. We can’t easily pull this data if we’re a service based business, or selling from a physical shop front, or dealing with wholesalers as a B2B, or any other business model that isn’t pure eCommerce. And that right now is 94% of all small business transactions globally.

Ok, sure, you could do a crude approximation of RFM with email opens and link clicks, but at the end of the day it’s the poor cousin of the Who-is-wasting-my-time vs. Who-is-putting-money-where-their-mouth-is type problem.

I think you’re starting to get why I’m so excited.

With this integration, having Infusionsoft do a true two-way sync to your accounting platform, for the first time in modern small business history, it is possible for us to grade, automate and scale the RFM type interactions we’re having with our customers, because no matter how off-line our business, our accounting platform is the font of that knowledge.

If you’re a service based business doing quotes, doing milestone payments, doing anything super manually in Xero or Quickbooks, I can (with about 1 hour of tweaking the RFM campaigns we have already built in Infusionsoft for our eCommerce customers) absolutely NAIL your sales & marketing follow-up with Infusionsoft.


Are you getting this?






Yep. I’m excited.  So I’ll stop yelling at you.

Come to our Xero Roadshow

And that’s not even taking into consideration that I can now automate overdue invoice follow up, push line items into Xero, even automatically send a task to my solicitor when I need to chase a bad debt (not me, but my customers, I have lovely customers myself).

Guys, this is game changing.

The integration isn’t about less bookwork; although that will make your life easier.  The integration isn’t about accounting automation; although it is definitely that too.  The integration is about actually being able to understand your customers automatically, and dynamically within your CRM.

We are running a workshop here.  If you can’t make the workshop, that’s ok.  Buy the workshop anyway, and for the same price I’ll have my VA’s set up the integration for you – just email me after you buy the ticket.  Whatever you do, do something.

The reason that I’m so darn excited, is that for the first time, real sales and marketing automation is finally here.

And if you’re reading this and you’re not using Infusionsoft, and instead hobbling together a bunch of cheap cloud apps and mail-chimp, and you are running a business that isn’t solely eCommerce, it’s time to put on your big-boy pants and join the A-team.

Enough said.

Come to our Xero Roadshow

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