WordPress Infusionsoft Bug Fix

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WordPress Infusionsoft Bug Fix

by | Nov 9, 2015

Have you noticed that when you embed an Infusionsoft Form on wordpress, and it includes a text area field, that a line of html code is, annoyingly, inserted into the text area field?

Here’s how you fix it:

Go to the form’s code, and find the opening tag for the text area field. It’ll look something like this:

<textarea cols="24" id="inf_custom_FieldName" name="inf_custom_FieldName" rows="5">

What we need to delete is the spaces between rows="5"> and </textarea>.





_EVERGREEN___OPT-IN__Lifecycle_Marketing_Handbook 2

That’ll remove the offending lines of code from the field.


When you’re doing this, you MUST stay in the text editor of wordpress. If you switch back to the visual editor, it’ll break the form.

This will vary between themes, and if you’re using an editor like WPBakery’s Visual Editor, always use the “html” snippet to embed a form.

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