What if it’s not all about “Ascension Sales” and attracting abundance?

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What if it’s not all about “Ascension Sales” and attracting abundance?

by | Aug 25, 2016

For almost 2 years we’ve been bombarded with what I’m going to call the “Ryan Deiss school of marketing and automation”. I’m calling it Ryan Deiss, but anyone who’s been around the traps long enough knows that he didn’t really come up with most of it, it’s an amalgamation of the the guys that came before.

Sell, Upsell, Cross Sell, Nurture, repeat until your list has been milked dry.

It’s a map of sales automation we can put into any business and get results with. It’s just a shame that most of our customers find that the language and intent of the copy isn’t something that resonates with them. In fact, we’ve seen revenues drop in businesses that have implemented “the machine”. So it’s a compromise between the purpose of the emails and the purpose of the business.

At the same time we’re taught by the business coaches sitting on the life coaching end of the spectrum that if we’re not succeeding, if we’re procrastinating, then there’s a deeply seated emotionally inhibited reason for it.

And if you let me distill down hours of content into one thing, it might be that if you don’t get rid of your issues around success and money you’re always going to self sabotage. Business success will remain elusive.

So you hold onto those 2 thoughts: believing that marketing is a bit too Ryan Deissy, and that if you’re not ok with success and money then you’re going to have issues with procrastination.

A couple of weeks ago one of the most highly respected Infusion-ites left Infusionsoft; his name is Thomas Jones. In the years he’s been there he’s sat over the departments of success coaches, customer service, and the Infusionsoft onboarding program, to name a few. Many of the business units we have in Benelds, albeit on a smaller level.

As soon as I found out he’d left, we did everything we could to get him on a plane, the intent being for him to look at our processes. Four months ago we hired a marketing manager, and for the first time I felt like I could put my hand on my heart and say we were practicing what we preached in Infusionsoft, marketing automation, sales pipelines, and follow-up.

And yet, Benelds wasn’t growing in revenue as fast as we wanted to. Things have been absolutely ‘fine’ but we weren’t hitting the aggressive targets that we’d planned for this year.

And of course, I’m thinking, maybe I’m not being ‘hard sell’ enough on my pitches, maybe my sales emails don’t have enough of a Deissy call to action. Maybe I haven’t sent enough emails. Or maybe I have some issues with Money and Success and that’s getting in the way of our ability to close.

What Thomas found, within the first half day of being here, is absolutely business critical that I want to share with you Benelds customers. If for only the reason that it may be at play within your own business.

We had a mission and purpose within Benelds. We had processes for sales, marketing and delivery. But those 2 elements were not at all connected. We wanted small business to succeed in Australia, and we wanted to have workflows set up to deliver customers what they bought.

That fundamental disconnect, although subtle, was manifesting throughout our business. The result was that we were either doing spectacularly well with our customers, or spectacularly badly. There was no middle ground.

I hope you appreciate the ownership of me saying this to you, one of my customers, that there have been times we’ve done spectacularly badly for you.

The first reason for these failures is that we had customers in our systems that we shouldn’t have. I had closed customers that weren’t a good fit for us. And while I have in the past been aware of prospects that shouldn’t be closed, I had missed a whole ‘nother set that had been let through.

The second reason was that our workflow processes weren’t working in the best interests of the customers, that is, helping them succeed, but rather were set up entirely for our benefit.

New customer needs all their FAQ information? Great – let’s send them an email with all the information. Sure, we’ve done our job, but does sending through a giant email full of detail help them with their success, or does it simply overwhelm them, and paralyse them to inaction?

We send our terms to every customer who signs up, but who’s it serving? Is it to help them understand what working with us will be like, or a failsafe for us to point to when something goes wrong?

There are ways you can treat customers and prospects through the sales and workflow process that are going to set them up for failure, and there are ways you can treat customers through the sales and workflow process that are going to set them up for success.

If you’re deliberate about it, it can be the latter, every time.

In two weeks on the ground here in Bright Victoria, Thomas, Jake, Sarah, Fiona and I totally reworked our processes to be customer centric.

And the strangest thing has happened. For the first time in YEARS I am happy to be building a service based business.

We’re all told to build monthly recurring revenue businesses. We’re told to idolise eCommerce ‘no touch’ business models. And I think a bit part of that is that truthfully we don’t want to touch our clients. The key reason for that is sometimes our customer experiences go bad, and we have to solve those problems. And it’s not fun.

So here’s the big reveal. I didn’t even consider that if we have experiences that go bad, and I don’t have a solution for that problem (because we just figured that you, ‘get them in every business’), then that is going to be a huge roadblock to building the business.
A coach could reasonably say that I have issues around success and money, but I don’t.

But what I have known, on some level, is that for every 20 customers we put on, we’re going to have a problem child, and that just wasn’t something I was prepared to deal with, hence the business not growing.

Besides, we know that problems in business growth aren’t linear. While you have resource you can manage them manually, as you get bigger your ability to ‘drop everything and problem solve’ is massively diminished.

The answer is not Ryan Deiss sell, sell, cross sell, upsell. And it’s not a problem of attracting abundance.

If you’re running a service based business (and even if you’re not), then perhaps the problems you’re feeling aren’t because you need to spend more money on facebook ads, or convert your existing products into a $7 shit-fest of “low price entry point” bullshit.

Maybe you need to realign your activities and your values, and switch to being customer centric.

Maybe you need to realign your activities and your values, and switch to being customer centric.

Here’s the pitch.

I am flying Thomas back to Sydney in a little less than 4 weeks. I’ve spoken to a couple of our clients and they want to get this in front of them.

So we’re going to run a 2 day workshop.

The first day is going to be all around positioning and brand (trust me, it’s more important than a cheesy mission statement); the second day is going to be about practically aligning your values within a systemised sales and delivery workflow.

Why are we bringing Thomas back in 4 weeks? Why am I not running a webinar to a sales funnel to some nurture marketing to let you know about this?

Because Thomas won’t be available for long, and I want to do this before he leaves us to go back to implementing these strategies for venture-backed big business instead of the small businesses that make the world turn.

There’s no upsell at the event; there’s no ‘annual program’ pitch: I’m not justifying the value to myself by saying that the audience is going to get 4 hours of great content with 4 hours of pitch each day. You won’t be asked to run to the back of the room.

I just really, sincerely, want the Australian community to understand this approach because I believe it will have a massive impact on the success of their businesses.

21-22nd of September
9am – 5pm
Kirribilli, Sydney (55 Lavender St)

How Much?
$1497 + GST: $748 now, the balance in 30 days.

What do you need to bring?
Your handsome self. This is a work-book, pen and paper exercise event, not a laptop event.

Can I bring a friend / Should I bring an offsider?
If you have a business partner then absolutely bring them for their buy-in; once you’ve bought a ticket you can get a second one half price for team members.

If you have a friend you think would benefit, or if you have a question about suitability, give us a call on 02 8319 5850.

Mission Purpose,
Strengths/Weaknesses, Start/Stop, and “How do we X given Y”
Workflow frameworks for Sales.
Workflow frameworks for Processes.

It is for businesses that:
Are using Infusionsoft, Ontraport or a similar automation tool in their business.
Have basic processes for product delivery already mapped out
Who have a team of at least 4 people (including the owners)
Want to 10x their business without having to put any effort in (just kidding…)

It is not for businesses that*:
Don’t already have some sort of software solution to help them easily manage tasking, delivery and workflow that they can plug this sort of concept into.
Don’t have a team or staff (sorry one-man-bands, but this isn’t for you just yet)
Aren’t clear on what their product offerings are.
*That’s not to say this isn’t important for you, but other things are far more important at this stage.

realign your activities and your values

create customer-centric automation
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