Savvy Scheduling

by | Nov 27, 2014

Unless you’re selling widgets online, you’re probably setting appointments with your customers somewhere along the line.

The simplest way to use a scheduling app is to create an appointment link with a tool like AppointmentCore, and then have that link on hand when you need it, i.e. paste it into your emails – but where’s the fun in that!

The smart way to do the same thing, is to build a generic email with that AppointmentCore link in the campaign builder, and kick it off with a note template.  You might end up with a whole bank of them for all of your appointment types.  Then when someone needs a 1 hour phonecall, or a half-day face-to-face meeting, all you need to do is apply the right note template and infusionsoft will send the email for you.

I love email copy like:


“Hey Jake,

you mentioned catching up for a chat – to save the appointment setting banter, you can jump into my calendar and find a time that works HERE.

Looking forward to it!




AppointmentCore lets you apply a tag when they’ve booked, so you could build out each appointment specific sequence with a couple of follow up emails (with timers between), with the sequence set to cancel as soon as the AppointmentCore tag is applied.  Add the AppointmentCore appointment link to each email.


Want bonus points?

If you need to do appointment setting on the go, you can send the same emails using the Infusionsoft Mobile App.  All you need to do is kick off the same sequences with a Tag goal instead of a note template.  So add a new goal to the front of each appointment sequence and create a trigger tag to kick it off.  Make sure you then ‘remove’ this trigger tag as the first order of business inside the campaign, so that you can reuse this trigger tag on the same contact over and over again.


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