Fortnightly Q&A – Notes or Tasks

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Fortnightly Q&A – Notes or Tasks

by | Jun 3, 2016

We are often asked about the Notes and Tasks tools within Infusionsoft. Its common to hear that people are unsure when is the right time to use them and how to best use them to get the most from them. Not to mention we hear a lot that people aren’t using them at all. Today we are going to change that and get you utilising these tools in the correct way.

Why should you be using Notes and Tasks? Because it will make your life much easier and isn’t that one of the reasons you have Infusionsoft? Secondly, to keep your records clean and current. And finally, to ensure action is taken on time every time, if you follow the procedure.

The Notes and Tasks tools are within a contact record. They can be accessed through the Quick Search tool. Hover your mouse over the tools and it will display what they are. Click the tool and it will drop down. You can also access these when you click through into a contact record. Scroll down through the record to locate these.

notes and tasks location

When might you use these functions?

Lets walk through a real life example. A customer walks into your business and inquires with one of your staff, Alex, about a product. They are interested, yet not quite ready to buy. Alex creates a task against the customer record within Infusionsoft, to follow up in one week. In one week the task notification pops up and he calls the customer. The customer is still not ready and asks to be left with it for some more time. Alex creates a note in Infusionsoft against the customer record. He includes details about the product and the interaction that occurred. In three weeks time, the customer walks back into your business to buy the product. Alex is on holidays but another staff member, Matthew, is able to take over the sale. Matthew can look up the contact record, view the note and see the all the information.

Now for some next level magic. Matthew then creates a note using a note template to say the customer has purchased. This note template triggers an indoctrination campaign sending the customer a set of emails AND creates a task for the customer to be followed up in a few weeks time…all from using that note template.

Now you can see why these tools are so useful and why you should be using them. Still not quite sure when to use a note or a task, below each is outlined referencing the above example.

Tasks are used when you would like to make a record of an interaction that has occurred with a contact, that DOES require action.

Go to the Tasks section and click on Add Task Button
  • Create a task to create a “to do” item on your calendar. You can assign a date and time, but cannot block out a window of time on your calendar for a task. Note: Tasks have a start date, but the end date is not recorded until the task is complete.
  • Create an appointment to block out a specific period of time and/or to record a firm commitment. Note: Appointments have a Start and End date and time.
Fill in the task or appointment details.
  • Linked Information: The task or appointment will automatically be linked to the contact record you are in. Click on the Select a different contact link to link it to a different person. Note that it will only be linked to one contact. If you need to link it to multiple contacts, you must create multiple tasks/appointments.
  • Task / Appointment Information: Enter the event details. Note that your date/time entry will specify when it shows up on the user’s calendar.
  • Advanced Info: Assign an Action Type and Priority. The priority helps you identify which tasks are most critical so you can work on them first.
  • Notifications: Click on one or more users to send them an email notification when this task is created. Set a pop-up reminder to trigger before the appointment. The pop-up reminder displays when the user is logged into Infusionsoft.
Click the Save button



As per the example above – A customer comes into the store and is interested in a product and not yet ready to buy. Create a task to follow the customer up in one week, including any information that will be vital in the callback. The task will appear in your dashboard when it is due.

Dashboard - June_02__2016

Notes are best used when you would like to make a record of an interaction that has occurred with a contact, that DOES NOT require any action to be taken.

Go to the Notes section and click on the Add Note button. 
  • (Optional) Assigned to different user: Select a user from the dropdown to associate someone else with the note (if your user permissions allow).
  • (Optional) Template: This drop-down list includes pre-populated note templates.
  • (Optional) Type: Select a type that describes the interaction you’re recording (i.e. Call, Email, etc.). Note: You can change this list through CRM > Settings > Task/Appt/Note Settings (if your user permissions allow.)
  • Subject: Enter a subject line for the note. The subject is visible in the contact history. It should be a short description of the interaction.
  • Details: Enter or customize the notes. This is a more detailed description of the interaction.
  • (Optional) Notify: Select one or more users to send them a copy of the note by email.
Click the Save button


As per the example above. Put a note into the system when a customer is interested in a specific product, but not yet ready to buy. Anyone in your business can later view this note and be able to service the customer and sell the product.


Think you are ready for the NEXT LEVEL MAGIC?

Then stay tuned because next level magic is getting its own blog post next week..


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