Bespoke Equals Broke (Part 2): 3 Simple Steps to Systemising Your Sales Process

by | Business Strategy

Bespoke Equals Broke (Part 2): 3 Simple Steps to Systemising Your Sales Process

by | Jun 29, 2016

I work with business owners every day who feel chained to their business. They started with a great idea, worked to get their product or service to market, and now find that their shop is actually a cage.

They find that they aren’t always just in the business: they are the business.

I get it. I know that feeling. It sucks.

But, there’s hope.

In Part One I talked about the three ways that productisation is the key to both regaining your freedom (and your sanity), as well as an absolute necessity if you are looking to grow your company.

If you’re into feeling overwhelmed and don’t particularly have a vision for your business beyond growing old and working your ass off just to stay at your current revenue… well, you can stop reading now.

But if you like the idea of being able build a business that makes money for you even when you’re not there, then productisation is key.

So, how do you accomplish this?

It’s not nearly as hard—or as painful—as it might seem. I’ve broken it down into three simple steps:

1. Identify what you have to tell every customer.

What information does every customer need to know when they buy something from you?

Instead of doing this manually—also known as “the hard way”—develop a system to deliver this information to them every time. This not only makes your life easier, it also goes a long way in offering your clients or customers a world class experience. They walk away knowing what they need to know without the danger of you leaving an important bit out, and also shows that the process itself is completely above board.

2. What information do you collect from every customer?

There are sets of information that we all need to collect from our customers, regardless of what our business model is.

Instead of collecting this information over the phone (or worse, an email conversation), use web forms.

When people enter their information, you want it to be saved in your CRM. This not only ensures that you are getting everything you need from the customer in order to blow their socks off with what you’re selling them, it also makes sure that when you aren’t working, someone else on staff can access any information they need.

3. Look for tasks you do all the time.

We call these tasks “milestones.” They’re the routine pieces of work you have to complete regularly, pretty much the same way each time. Find these milestones, and then systemise them.

By having software create these tasks, and then follow up on them, you give yourself a safety net — nothing can be forgotten. You’ll be surprised at how just a little bit of time spent systemising these tasks this will save you SO MUCH time and effort down the line.

This process will also let you get out of the way of your business so that it can grow. These processes are step-by-step, and therefore repeatable… even by others on your team. Let them handle the basics so you can continue to refine and improve other parts of the business.

Wrapping Up (Get it? Productisation… ha).

All of this, of course, is an evolution. Productisation is not something that happens overnight. Systems take a little work to get organised and then moving seamlessly.

But if you want to grow your business, this is an absolute necessity.

It’s what made the difference for Ford Motor Company. It’s what led a hamburger drive-through to become the world’s largest owner of real estate (in 2013, McDonald’s overtook the Catholic Church as the world’s largest owner of real estate. They own pretty much everything other than the Vatican itself).

Productising is what will enable your business to serve more people, hire more people, and give more of the world a chance to experience what makes your brand so special.

I hope these ideas give you a good starting point for productising your services. I hope you’ll take these ideas to heart, and start killing it with fire starting today.

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Fiona Morris
Marketing Manager

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