Our Mission

Through education we will transform Australia into the world’s leading small-business economy, by teaching Australian businesses how to harness technology and compete on a global scale.

Who We Are

Oempire is a Small Business Automation Consultancy. We provide Sales and Marketing Automation strategy, education and implementation for Australian small business, and have done for over 5 years under our previous banner, Benelds. Oempire is the evolution of Benelds into a focused eCommerce agency, taking our years of knowledge in what works in online marketing, and honing that message for the eCommerce niche.

We’ve lead the charge here in Australia, and have won awards for our work locally, and in the international market.

Infusionsoft Australia

We empower Small Businesses.

Our #1 “Ultimate Value Proposition” is that we enable businesses to pony-up and get on-board with modern technology.

We run workshops monthly in Sydney, and on-demand in other locations.

The workshops are sold as ‘get it all done’, but between you and me (because you got this far on my text-heavy page), the secret reason is that if you get someone in a room for 3 days, non-stop building awesome business automation, by the end of it you’re empowered; you finally ‘get’ the tool.

And that’s incomparably more valuable than a bunch of screen-sharing Skype sessions where you’re paying by the hour to have someone show you how to build a webform.

We’re proactive in finding solutions.

We love forcing software to do our bidding, whether that’s using existing features way, way outside of what they’re meant for, or building custom API solutions to integrate Infusionsoft with the rest of your business.

We do the right thing.

If Infusionsoft isn’t right for you, we’ll help you find something that is, and put you in touch with the team to help you. We never do anything just for commission.

We believe in frank and real communication.

Oempire is a bullshit-free zone. No buzzwords. No immeasurable “motivation”. No bullshit promises. Just tangible, measurable results.

We constantly learn and develop.

Technology moves at an absurd pace. So do we.

No one’s too good to restock the toilet paper.

We once had a sales rep who got his knickers in a twist because a client – the CEO of a cleaning company – asked him to help carry a bag of toilet rolls into a pub.

He didn’t last very long. And the rest of us aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.

We enjoy our work. We enjoy our play.

Work-life balance is bullshit. We don’t aim for a “work-life” balance: we aim for joy. We enjoy our work. And of course, we enjoy our play. After all, what’s all this for if we can’t enjoy ourselves?

Our Story

Almost a decade ago, Christie left the corporate grind to create an Agency called Benelds, which would go on to become one of the most successful small business consultancies sales and marketing consultancies in Australia.

With that success,  she has had the opportunity and the freedom to live wherever she wants, and to pursue a life of adventure, amongst other things, to race a solo, unsupported bike-packing race across Australia, and be one of the very few to finish the route.

When you ride 5,500k’s across a desert, you get very clear on what’s important, and on her return, the focus became to simply help eCommerce customers, and connect people all across this expansive country , whether they’re retailers in small country towns, or consumers on opposite coastlines.

Oempire is the outcome of that refocus.

It might mean “Online Empire”  to you, to us it means “Overland Empire”, creating an environment where our customers can create their own empires, that ultimately give them the opportunities to pursue   their own version of adventure, inside or outside of business.

Transform Your Business

Into A Modern Machine