7 Tips For Automating Small Business

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7 Tips For Automating Small Business

by | Jul 22, 2016

Business automation has become a hot trend in the future of small business growth. Automation is extremely powerful in streamlining the growth of small business through reduced overheads and increased customer satisfaction. It is evident that this will not be a passing trend, with the rise in technological advancements specifically for small business at affordable prices.

Automation is being brought to the masses and if you aren’t willing to take the time to automate your small business you are going to be left in the dust of those who make it a priority.

Many tasks within a business structure are vital but also quite time consuming. This poses a major problem for small business owners who lack the manpower or ability to pay for extended man hours. Automating your business processes is the solution, and with these seven small business automation tips will help you turn your business into a well-oiled, productivity machine.

Small Business Automation Tips: Start Small

Implementing automation in your small business will be one of the most significant changes you ever make. We recommend easing into so that you do not become overwhelmed with the process. If you begin by automating some of the smaller process’ you will start to see immediate benefits and understand the need to continue on the path of automation.

We worked with a company who had started by simply automating their customer on-boarding process, it meant they received the customer information quickly without missing pieces. Those hours saved by automating the process could then be used elsewhere and the process is streamlined for their customers as well, increasing their professionalism.

Focus on one time-draining process that you can improve, it’s best to start with something that will have high ROI. It’s going to give you the best bang for your buck in maximising the efficiency of your time. After you have completed a few processes, you will be well on your way to automating your small business.

Small Business Automation Tips: Reduce the Number of Processes

When you begin to automate you will be reviewing all your process, and revealing those that you no longer need. Often you can automate several processes into one task.

It becomes evident a task you thought was essential is no longer needed now that you have automated the process. This step will save you significantly in terms of finances, time and manual labour.

Small Business Automation Tips: Build an Automation Culture

When you start automating your small business, you may come across employees who don’t take to the automation. This is often due to fear that this will make their roles redundant. However in reality it can be the opposite, automation can also create other jobs and as the business streamlines and grows, more jobs will be created.

It is important to discuss the benefits of the system with your employees and develop a culture of higher efficiencies. If you can get your employees on board with automation it’s going to make the whole process a lot easier.

Small Business Automation Tips: Hire Automation Experts

At a certain point in time, you will have automated all that you and your current employees are capable of. You will need to bring in outside automation experts who have a deep understanding of small business automation and can analyse your processes and find ways to better increase efficiency.

These outside experts will bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. They can also assist in creating a bigger picture for you and your employees. Organisational change as large as business automation, requires expert attention even if that means adding to your team from the outside.

Small Business Automation Tips: Rely on Automation Tools

Automating your business in today’s market means that you have a vast range of tools that are readily available and affordable to complete your processes. Everything from automating your sales and marketing, project management right through to your payroll, a tool has been developed and ready for you to utilise.

For example the highly recommended Infusionsoft lets you automate your sales and marketing as well as keeping a full CRM system and so much more all from the one piece of software. Xero, another useful tool, automates your accounts and payroll and can be integrated with infusionsoft.

Small Business Automation Tips: Focus on Email and Social Media

As mentioned previously, it’s important to automate the easiest process that generates the most ROI. Your email and your social media marketing campaigns probably fit the bill.You can also send automated-response messages to customers when they contact you, or you can create a schedule to enhance your email marketing strategy.

It’s a great way to generate leads without working overtime.

Small Business Automation Tips: Let Data Come to You

Data collection is an integral part of small business automation, you don’t have the budget of big business to hire entire teams to gather, sort and analyse data. Fortunately there are a number of tools developed that can improve your data analysis process.

Tools such as IBM Watson Analytics, Google Analytics, and Qualtrics can monitor and analyze numbers and information from a variety of sources. These include social media, customer support, tech, sales, finance, marketing, and more.

By automating data analysis you can collect hours of data in minutes.

Small business will not have the opportunity to be competitive or continue to grow if they are not embracing automation.

There really are no excuses for ignoring automation and its possibilities for your business when there are so many tools and services available.

The sooner you jump on the bandwagon of small business automation, the sooner you will reap the rewards of increased efficiency, more customers and better profits!


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