5 Ways to use Field Timers

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5 Ways to use Field Timers

by | Oct 5, 2016

Field timers are a great tool to use in automating our customer communication, however they are the most underutilised of all the timers Infusionsoft users have available to them.

Field timers are a little more complex than the delay timer and date timer tools, due to the field timer working from a date captured in a field on the contact’s record. Therefore it does require some forethought, which could be the reason lots of people don’t use them.

Fortunately it really is as simple as working out which dates are important to your business and your customers, capturing those dates, and then building campaigns around them.

The three timers used in campaign building are Delay timers, Date timers and Field timers.

delay timerDelay Timers – Allows you to schedule the amount of time that elapses between steps, i.e. You have a nurture campaign set up to send emails with a delay of 1 weeks between emails. Every contact that hits a timer will wait for 7 days, then move on, regardless of what’s happening to other contacts in the same sequence.

Date timer

Date Timers – Allow you to schedule a marketing piece at a specific date and time or within a date/time range. i.e. You have a piece of marketing scheduled to go out on Valentines Day, and every contact will wait on this timer until the 14th of February, regardless of when each contact entered the sequence.

field timer

Field Timers – Allows you to schedule a marketing piece based on a date field in the contact record. This means that we can use timers to send emails on a unique date for each contact, i.e. the humble birthday campaign. Every contact has a unique birthday, and using the field timer we can send each contact a happy birthday message on their own birthday.

Let’s be honest, the birthday campaign is what most people are using a field timer for, if at all. It’s a good place to start, but there are some other very effective ways to use Field Timers that will amp up your sales, create the wow factor and nurture your clients.

Getting Started

We first need to create custom field in the contact record. To do this

  1. Go to your admin tab > click settings
  2. We want to Set up custom fields for: Contact > click the go button.step 2
  3. We then want to Add a field. A drop down box will appear where we want to select the Type: Date. Then name your custom field. NOTE: DO NOT select Date/Time – as this is not an applicable field when setting up the field timer in a campaign.
    step 3

Once we have set up the custom date field, it can then be added to the “add contact form”. So when you are filling out details about a new customer it is one of the standard pieces of information that is noted. It could also be added to an internal form for example when a client makes their first booking, this date field is part of the form.

So, what dates are important to your business and how does this tie into using field timers in a campaign sequence?

There’s one important date we can ALL use…

The date someone becomes a customer.

Use the field timer to show your customers your appreciation and give them the WOW factor.

01 field timer

Build a campaign that uses a field timer to either create a task for you to action something such as sending a gift, or to send them an email that includes a voucher to redeem something at no cost. We would not recommend sending discount codes as this will lose the wow factor.

  • As a designer, one year after someone becomes a customer at your design firm send them some fancy cupcakes with a handwritten note.
  • As a gym owner, one year after someone joins your gym, send them an email offering a free one on one personal training session.

The next purchase date.

Use the field timer to get ahead of the sales game.

This date could be something that is a known quantity, or perhaps something you specifically ask for. You may know how often your customers purchase, when a finance term is up or even when something is due for renewal.

02 field timer

Build a campaign that uses a field timer that is set to an amount of time PRIOR to that next purchase date. It could either send an email inviting them to an event or creates a task for you to give them some love. This brings your business front of mind when it comes time to purchase again. A few examples of how you can do this:

  • As a car salesman, three months prior to their car finance being due you invite them to a VIP drive day.
  • As a broker, six weeks prior to their mortgage being due for refinance send them a small gift voucher from a cafe in their neighbourhood.

Cross Sales Purchase Date.

Use the field timer to up sell and cross sell to existing customers.

Sometimes the date our customers bought something is a key piece of insight into what their buying patterns will be in the future. For example, photographers taking photos of a newborn can be almost certain that about a year from the first time they work with someone, another key milestone will be approaching – the first birthday!

03 field timer

Build a campaign using a field timer that is set to an amount of time AFTER the first purchase date. Send them an educational email about other products or additions to what they have already purchased with a clickable link to book in or buy now. An example of how you can do this:

  • As a photographer, eleven months after a customer has newborn photos taken send them an educational email about the latest trend in 1st birthday cake smash photos with link to book a session at your studio.

Key Service dates.

Use the field timer to remind your customers to come back to your business.

04 field timers

Build a campaign using the field timer that is set the specific times after a customers first purchase. Send email reminders and clickable booking links about key service dates. A few examples of how you can do this:

  • As a dentist, three months after a customer has a veneer put on their tooth, remind them it is time to come in for a check up
  • As a mechanic, 6 months after a customer has had their car serviced, remind them it might be time to book in again.

Your Customer’s Key Dates.

Use the field timer to remind your customers of important dates.

This is not to so much to drive customers into your business as it is creating a relationship and feelings of goodwill with your customers.

05 field timer

Build a campaign using a field timer to remind your customers of their important dates. Send an email reminding them what is happening on specific, “best-not-forgotten” dates…

  • As a jeweller, on their anniversary date remind your customer it is their anniversary
  • As a florist, remind someone of a loved ones birthday.

Now you have 5 different and quite simple ways of using a Field Timer in your campaigns. Next step…make it happen!

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