15 Ways to Increase Email Deliverability (Yes! A list Post!)

by | Infusionsoft

15 Ways to Increase Email Deliverability (Yes! A list Post!)

by | Nov 24, 2014

We’ve all had the fantasy.

We spend 5, possibly 6 minutes, crafting some persuasive email copy, and hit the broadcast button.  Mere moments later, we’re bombarded with purchase actions as our Paypal/Stripe/eWay account is climbing so fast it reads like the US National Debt Clock.

It’s not as easy as DigitalMarketer would have you believe. There’s a more pressing issue that we can all be hit by.  How do we even know our emails are getting through?

Take a look at some things you should never do, and some things you should always do.

7 Things to NOT Do to Reduce SPAM Filtering

1. NEVER EVER EVER BUY OR RENT OR BORROW AN EMAIL LIST. EVER.  Other than being an utterly ineffective way of gaining customers, it’s a fast-track to being marked as a spammer.

“SPAM” is any email that someone marks as SPAM – even if they signed up for it.

Or, any email that they didn’t explicitly consent to receiving. You have been warned.

2. One of many flags that email providers use to filter messages, don’t use block caps anywhere in your email copy or subject line.

3. Don’t use red-flag words like free,” “no obligation,” “click here,” or “Dear Beloved Friend, I know this may come as a surprise but I would very much like to enter into a business relationship with you,” in your subject line or email body.  Likewise, never use text with spaces in-between letters (i t ‘ s a b a d i d e a, a n d i t ‘ s h a r d t o r e a d).

4. Don’t use a low-contrast font-to-background ratio.  The ultimate for this is, obviously, white on white – but very light gray on white will still be a red-flag to a gmail SPAM filter.  Stick to black/dark gray on white.  Trust me on this – the only person who cares about how pretty your emails look is you!

5. !!!!!OMG DON’T USE LOADS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS OR INTERROBANGS??!!!?!???!!! No one is ever that excited. Not even teen girls that can’t even.

6. Don’t insert active components, such as javascript, into your email. If you want to send people rich-media, send them a link to your website instead.

7. Don’t use generic salutations (i.e. “Dear Friend”).  If you don’t have their first name, best to have nothing at all.

8 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Email Deliverability Rate

1. Set your Sender Policy Framework to include your weapon of choice. Here’s a “how to” guide for Infusionsoft Users.

2. Learn how to spell – bad spelling is a hugely important factor in email dilivver dellivera deliverability.

3. Clean your list. As soon as an email hard-bounces, remove them from your CRM. Repeatedly sending to bounced email addresses is a red-flag, and eventually your IP address and domain will be blacklisted.  Likewise, as soon as someone makes a SPAM complaint (some people, even if they signed up for your mailing list, and double-confirmed their email address, are still too lazy to find the “Unsubscribe” button), remove them from the CRM.  It’s a waste of time to include them on lists, only furthers the damage to your domain’s reputation, and they’re almost certainly never going to buy anything. Be ruthless and keep that list trimmed.

4. Use a double-opt-in. This has two outcomes: 1) Your list becomes compiled of active, motivated, engaged subscribers; and 2) If you use Infusionsoft, your emails will be sent from a different server, a server with one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

5. Ask your subscribers to white list you, or add you to their contacts.

6. Keep your emails short.  1) Long emails are a flag; 2) Short emails have much higher engagement, and more engagement means email providers such as google or yahoo are more likely to send that email to the top of the inbox.

7. Make the unsubscribe link really, really obvious, and make it a one-click unsubscribe.  Nothing motivates people to hit the SPAM button more than a non-existent or multi-step unsubscribe.

Nothing motivates people to hit the SPAM button more than a non-existent or multi-step unsubscribe.

8. ONLY SEND PEOPLE CONTENT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN.  If someone signed up to a list about dog training, and you’re sending them promo codes for cat food, you’re barking up the wrong tree. While this won’t have a direct impact on delivering that email, the lack of engagement and relatively higher proportion of unsubscribes and SPAM complaints definitely will impact the next mail-out.

In closing, email deliverability is a confusing blend of domain reputation, flag words, email service (i.e. Infusionsoft) reputation, end-user activity and email provider (i.e. Gmail) sensitivity.  Email Marketing has been abused by the unscrupulous for so long, and now we’re paying the price – but by following the steps above, you’ll limit the negative impact you face.

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